Bob Scott is a senior advisory leader with diverse experience in multiple sectors – business, technology, financial, sports, entertainment and non-profit organizations.

  • A diplomatic and discerning counselor  and coach to individuals and corporations

  • A trusted consultant and communicator  in dispute resolution

  • A confidant advisor to high profile executives,  politicians and celebrities

  • An innovative strategist providing insight from  multi-faceted perspectives

  • A strategic builder and networker in cross-cultural collaboration

  • A passionate, relevant, engaging speaker,  educator and author

Business Consultant

Vision & Conceptual Solutions


Organizational Design & Infrastructure


Perspective Coach

Bob Scott simply thinks in a different domain. You will find him refreshing, challenging, innovative and incredibly helpful.  His wisdom and insight come from his vast experience and unique perspectives; something in short supply for many and abundant in him.”

Brad Cummings, CEO Windblown Media - Author, Publisher, Producer (The Shack)

“I have known Bob for many years, over that time his fresh paradigms and perspectives have profoundly impacted both my personal life and career.”

Johannes Baratta, President Bethmann Bank AG, Frankfurt

“I first met Bob Scott as a rookie with the Kansas City Chiefs in 1983 and we formed an almost immediate connection of the soul. He is a deep thinker who has consistently challenged me to think, stretch and assess along my life journey. Most significantly, his compassionate friendship has comforted me in the realization that the messiness of real life is both normal, and in many ways necessary.”

Todd Blackledge , Sports Broadcaster for ESPN