Life Coaching

“I feel like the three most important aspects of my life are at constant war with each other tearing me apart”

For over 30 years I have heard these sentiments expressed time and time again from clients. Navigating life is a complicated exercise and attempting to find the balance between family, career and our spirituality is not easy. In fact, given traditional paradigms, they are often pitted against each other by those who demand our allegiance, undivided attention and resources.

I believe balance can be achieved but only by shifting perspectives in how we view these three significant aspects of our lives. One of the keys to finding our equilibrium starts with asking the question who are you? Without a clear sense of who that is others will fill the void and define you for themselves. The problem is, who you are to them is rooted in the need you meet for them. When you cease to meet the need you suddenly become expendable and that leaves us confused, disillusioned and in pain.

Over the years I have worked with corporate executives, athletes, artists and those in government and all have the same struggles. Some have reached the pinnacle of success in their particular field and found it surprisingly unfulfilling. Others have been stuck in the cycle of ordinary and cannot find their way out of the maze. No matter your particular struggle I would be glad to help. As a matter of fact, it’s a passion of mine.


Organizational Consulting

“No matter the systems we put in place it seems our organization is still in conflict and we cannot get everyone on the same page.”

Why? is the question I am frequently asked by those who lead organizations. The simple answer of course is… people. No matter how hard we work to institute better systems they are either managed by people or attempting to manage people. It feels a bit like attempting to herd cats. Organizations keep trying and failing. To complicate it further, a new generation has been entering the workforce whose underlying philosophy of life militates against the way things have been done in the past.

We are in the midst of a cultural revolution. Most of the current models of business are relics left over from the World War II generation. Young men, shaped by a top down military mindset came home and built a vibrant economy with military precision. They were driven by a very different value system than their children and now grandchildren. Bob Dylan was right “The Times They Are A-Changin”.

While conformity and uniformity were once seen as vital to success, we currently live in a world where diversity is valued and being celebrated. As exciting as this may be, it creates huge problems as its complicated to manage.  We are witnessing the strain on our systems, organizations and society as a whole.

In order to help organizations manage this diversity, I have put together a seminar on the subject of “Perspectives”. We discuss how all conflict is actually a collision of perspectives. What shapes our perspectives? Why are they so diverse? Why do they result in conflict? How do we deal with our diversity? Our perspectives create assumptions; are they correct though? Is our goal to change others perspectives or reconcile them?

While our diversity is complicated and not easy to manage, it is necessary though to move forward together.  It is a fundamental need in every organization or institution of life. We would be glad to help you navigate through it.