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24 04, 2018

Walk By Faith?

By |2018-04-28T11:56:03-05:00April 24th, 2018|The School of Life, Zimbabwe|0 Comments

I’m finding it difficult to carve out time to write while traveling in Zimbabwe. Besides the constant power outages which end up depleting all my electronic devices, it’s been a whirlwind of unanticipated activity. I have been on the most extraordinary journey the last couple months, which at times has left me in awe and [...]

27 03, 2018

Zimbabwe: More Unexpected Adventures

By |2018-03-27T03:59:57-05:00March 27th, 2018|Zimbabwe|9 Comments

There is a story which the historian Luke recounts in his manuscript concerning a rather depressing day at the office for the fisherman Peter. Being a small business owner, Peter’s success depended on his ability to maximize his fishing skill sets to make a living. On this particular day he was failing miserably having not [...]

13 03, 2018

Zimbabwe: An Unexpected Adventure

By |2018-03-13T03:23:21-05:00March 13th, 2018|Zimbabwe|12 Comments

For those of you just now catching up on my current trip to Zimbabwe here is a brief summation of the backstory… I first visited Zimbabwe in 1984 while on a quest to find a place somewhere in the world, former enemies had in fact forgiven and reconciled with one another. Nearly a decade earlier [...]

13 02, 2018

Unsung Heroes: Brian Oldreive (Foundations for Farming)

By |2018-02-13T13:05:35-06:00February 13th, 2018|Uncategorized, Zimbabwe|0 Comments

In 2009, I made a poignant return trip to Southern Africa after a twenty-two-year absence. The last time I had been there was in 1987 when I had flown over to bury sixteen friends, who only days earlier had been killed on a Peace & Reconciliation project in Zimbabwe. As I sat there on the [...]

16 01, 2018

Transitions: Zimbabwe Calls

By |2018-01-16T08:16:36-06:00January 16th, 2018|Zimbabwe|0 Comments

It has been a few months since my last blog posting and a great deal has transpired over the last couple months which I think you will find interesting. Buckle up here we go… The word for me which defined all of 2017; tumultuous!  I found myself dealing with intense family issues while at the [...]

13 11, 2017


By |2017-11-13T18:56:18-06:00November 13th, 2017|The School of Life|4 Comments

It was the Greek philosopher Heraclitus of Ephesus (535 BC – 475 BC) who became renowned for his worldview that “change” was a core and consistent dynamic of the universe. From this perspective came the saying “The only constant is change”. Later, Heraclitus also established a term familiar to Christians… “Logos”. For many Greek philosophers, [...]

30 10, 2017

Unsung Heroes/ Madam C. J. Walker

By |2017-10-30T17:51:53-05:00October 30th, 2017|Unsung Heroes/ Untold Stories|1 Comment

I have always found history fascinating. I suspect it’s because I’m intrigued by how often the unlikely or unexpected happens.  While we humans attempt to reduce life down to mathematical formulas with predicable outcomes, it continues to surprise us with unpredictable results through some of the most unlikely people. When I convey to audiences the [...]

3 10, 2017

The Not So Good Samaritan

By |2017-10-04T13:24:34-05:00October 3rd, 2017|Culture, Zimbabwe|2 Comments

As a little boy, while attending mass at St Alphonsis Catholic Church in Wisconsin, I remember first hearing the story of the Good Samaritan. The story tugged at my soul as I sat there with my little legs dangling over the sides of those old wooden pews. I was captivated by the parable but without [...]

19 09, 2017

Game On!

By |2017-09-06T19:23:34-05:00September 19th, 2017|Joseph, Millennials, The School of Life|2 Comments

One of my clients was once a Top Gun fighter pilot for the US Air Force. Top Guns are just that, the top gun or pilot in their class. His particular life story I found both fascinating and instructive. He had been captivated by flight since a child and his Type A personality dreamed for [...]

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